First impression: Gliss Hyaluron+Hair Filler Leave-in Conditioner+Update

Hi again:)

I don’t usually write first impression on anything but I decided I can write my first impression on leave-in spray-conditioner as it’s something we see how it works from the first time. So why not?PicMonkey Collagettt

Gliss Hyaluron spray ingredients
For those who are interested in product ingredients list

First impression: I used Gliss (in few countries Gliss Kur) a lot in school. I tried sprays, shampoos,etc. I loved their leave-in express conditioners. I got not long time ago Gliss spray-conditioner with 7 oil , which I already used some time ago. I used it few times and gave away to my friend. It was too heavy for my hair now. That spray easily overweigh my hair. Ok..why do I tell you this? Because I tried this new spray and it didn’t weigh my hair down at all. I have  my hair a little longer than a chin line so I definitely don’t want flat hair like after rain 😀 or cats licked me 😀

My hair feels moisturized, smoother, soft and light after this spray. I don’t know how I will feel about this spray later. If I change my opinion  I will write an update.  But for now I’m impressed that it did what such sprays should do and left my hair light enough to keep volume.

Information about spray: Gliss Hair Repair Hyaluron+Hair Filler Express-Repair-Conditioner Leave-in for dry, brittle, thinning hair. Immediate combability,  suppleness and more fullness. 

Schwarzkopf Gliss has several products in this line: shampoo, conditioner, mask, spray-conditioner and may be something else I’m not sure. For now I saw only shampoo and spray and decided to try spray. Shampoo without simple conditioner is not an option for me.

Did you try already new Gliss spray? Do you like Gliss brand in general?

Update: I continue using this spray and I’m very satisfied with new Gliss leave-in conditioner. I sprayed even more on my fine hair and it still felt light and pleasant. If you like Gliss or you didn’t like some of their spray because they weigh your hair down you should try this one. I hope noone will be disappointed! 🙂

New update: I tried shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo doesn’t dry your hair, cleans them good. I liked it. I think it contains silicone, but I don’t remeber. Conditioner was fine but I needed pretty a lot. It seemed like my hair ate it:D And wanted more?  It didn’t give super smooth waterfall hair when I was washing conditioner with water. It wasn’t bad but I won’t take again. If to use all line of products shampoo+conditioner+spray your hair looks nice and is pleasant on touch. But I don’t think it will suit people with thick, coarse hair. Shampoo-yes, but conditioner won’t be powerful enough for very dry/coarse/thick hair. At least this is my thought about new line.

sophie and spray
Sophie liked it also:)

3 thoughts on “First impression: Gliss Hyaluron+Hair Filler Leave-in Conditioner+Update

  1. how actually are we supposed to use it? There is no English language version on my canister. Is it for use on wet or dry hair. Does anyone know a bit more about it please? Used on my dry fine bleached hair, it feels a bit like hairspray coating my hair. Help appreciated please.

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