Bright lips vs Nude lips make-up


Do you prefer nude lips or bright/dark lipstick?

Today I will show you the same make-up with two lip color options. Actually, bare/nude lips vs dark lipstick. 🙂

bright vs nude1

nude lips winged eyeliner
Winged eyeliner and nude lips
bright collage
Winged eyeliner and dark lips

Eye make-up

PicMonkey Collage1312312312

PicMonkey Collagewerwe

Which variant do you like more? Do you prefer bright or nude lipstick for yourself?


13 thoughts on “Bright lips vs Nude lips make-up

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I like also dark lips but I don’t feel comfortable to go like that outside all the time. Sometimes in the middle of working day drinking coffee with book in cafe wearing bright make-up and dark lipstick feels too much. But at the same time with bright eyes and bright lipgloss I feel ok in the same situation:D Doesn’t make too much sense:) Anyway I think I’m far from your level.. going out like a parrot on lsd:) I have what to learn from you;)

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