How Much is Your Face Worth? Tag


I found this interesting tag and decided to make such post also. I never actually calculated how much I spend for face full of make-up:)

I just made a new photos of light day time look so why not to see how much did I spend on a make-up?:)

PicMonkey Collage1

Sorry for light on the full face pictures. A little overexposed.

I will mention approximate prices for some products as I don’t remember exactly. Also some products were bought in Ukraine and I will calculate price using current rate (now it’s higher so prices may seem different).



Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream in Light  ~ 8.6 € (before it was ~11 euros because of other rate)

Alverde Naturkosmetik Loose Trasparent Powder ( Loser Puder Trasparent) ~ 5.4 €

Bourjois blush 74 Rose Ambre  ~8.6 €

Essence long-lasting eye pencil 02 Hot chocolate ~1.8 €


Essence long-lasting eye pencil 01 Black fever ~1.8 €

Mascara Max Factor Clump Defy ~12.7 €

Avon eyeshadow base ~4.5 €

Malva eyebrow pencil in 006 ~0.6 €

Gosh smokey palette 03 Plum ~8.6 €


I didn’t apply anything when I was making photos but later I used  Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Berry Allure 225 ~11.7 €

Total: 64.3  € 

Conclusion: In the blog where I saw this tag the sum was over 200$ so I think I did nice make-up for much less but with good products anyway:)

I’d like to see others doing this Tag! I think it’s fun to find out how much do you spend on your ordinary make-up.

Have a nice day!

If you make this tag please leave a link under my post if you don’t forget:)


7 thoughts on “How Much is Your Face Worth? Tag

  1. I think these are so interesting. It’s funny when I’m wearing my $35 lipstick with my $1 liquid liner and free mascara.

    • 😀 I think it’s totally ok. There are good expensive, cheap and middle price products. If you have, for example, dior lipstick it doesn’t mean you should use everything equally expensive. That’s why it’s interesting to read such tags to see what people combine in their make-up routine:)

    • Thank you! I use Canon 500D and I don’t have any tips for making photos. 🙂 Just if you have DSLR camera you should learn how to work with manual mode and learn about exposure, how works aperture and what is iso and what to change in setting first and how it influence photo. This takes a little time to read about and then you just try on camera. This is the basic you should know if you own DSLR camera. If you have simplier camera and you want to make photos of face at home make them using day light without any flash, better near window.:)

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