Nivea Styling spray. Fix your hair for ~3$

Hi!! How are you?

I feel like I didn’t post anything for 1000000+ years. I decided to come back to you with a post about how to fix hairstyle and not to spend a lot of money 😀



+ of Nivea styling spray:

+invisible on hair;

+ holds hairstyle from morning till evening;

+can have light hold and strong hold with one hairspray (I usually take extra strong 4), depends on how much you will spray on your hair;

+ not annoying scent;

+ doesn’t kill volume or shine of hair;

+easy to brush away (right word?);

+good sprayer (uniform distribution, no big drops);

+wonderful price for wonderful product.

– of Nivea styling spray:


Here are some photos of  hairstyles using this styling spray/hairspray. Do you see it? I don’t think so:) I use this hairspray for several years. And it’s better than lots of even more expensive hairsprays.




Do you use hair styling products? Do you have favorite hairspray or spray for volume or any other stylign product?

Have a nice day!


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