Velvet Flamingo on my lips??


How was  your day? It’s almost midnight in my country:) If your day only starts I wish you to have a good day!!

I hope you didn’t forget my previous beauty post about Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. Now you will see it in action:)

bourjois rouge edition velvet makeup eye look1



Essence long-lasting eye pencil in Black Fever

Maybelline Color Tattoo 35 On and On Bronze

Max Factor Clump Defy

Flormar Quartet Eyeshadows 401

Aura eyebrow pencil (a little)


Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation 51

Seventeen Natural Silky Powder 06 Porcelain

Flormar blush 87




18 thoughts on “Velvet Flamingo on my lips??

  1. Interesting color of lipstick and hair color too. I saw, that you were blonde before. Can I ask you, how do you feel as brunette? I’m thinking about going from golden blonde to light brown, but it’s very hard to give up blonde hair color 🙂 So I’m thinking over half year 🙂 And what’s coincidence, I bought the same colour as you, Nectaya 🙂

    • Thank you very much!!!! What shade did you took to color your hair? I wrote on my blog that first time when I washed color with shampoo my hair was strangely very dry, of course after conditioner it felt ok and second time I used nectaya I didn’t experience that. I don’t know why it was different two times but may be this information is usefull. Anyway both times my hair had uniform color and it washed away to ligher shade also uniformly. About blonde and brunette.. Ok, My hair is far from brunette but of course darker that my white blonde before:) First time I took dark shade it went pretty dark and I looked almost like brunette,but of course from blonde it fastly became lighter. and Even in shadow it looked dark on sun it looked still pretty light. I’m not blonde for several months already (telling like I don’t drink alcohol for…:D) and I feel good. I got used and I don’t regret I changed my color. Sometimes I miss blonde.. when I see beautiful blonde hair on street or picture on internet or I just look at some ohoto of mine where I was blonde:) I think that may be after some time I will put some highlights in hair hair..but for now it’s just thoughts:) The main reason why I changed my hair color was hair breakage. I was blonde for looooooong time and then this problem came to me:/ After few month I cut my hair till choulders and then in a year I decided I need to stop bleaching my hair as I still suffered from hair breakage. To color darker my natural hair is not so harmful as bleaching. And on start it’s hard to tell difference but now I see.. I have several cm of my new hair which grew after I stopped bleaching and I colored it and the rest of hair which used to be blonde some time ago.. When I don’t make hair style I can see how smooth my hair near roots, this few cm and I can notice how the rest of the hair looks drier,not so smooth and shiny. I feel that I look nice with such color even sometimes I miss blonde. And I have thought like..may be blonde was better..but now I think about this less and less. I think I even noticed more attention from man on street:D 😀 I know several stories how blondes colored their hair dark and next day bleached it back… I think if your natural hair is not blonde you will get used to it fast. I would never go back to blonde on next day even If my hair turned black:D I think my hair all would break in few weeks after such torture:D Don’t be afraid..Look,you even bought hair color already:) p.s. sorry for mistakes in my writing:)

    • Here on photos is Nectaya 8N/NN after several washes. Just info if you saw my post when I just colored my hair with this shade. 🙂

  2. Thank you for reply! I bought the same (half year ago) 8N/NN 🙂 But now I have ordered 8G too, I’d like to mix it together. I am warmer type and I think, little warmer could be safer, especially because of bleached hair. I don’t want to have green hair 🙂 I had red hair from hairdresser three months ago, but after one wash it was completely away 🙂 I understand, why are you changed color to little darker. I had same problem with breakage of hair, when I was really light blonde, but it was mainly caused by hairdresser, she burnt my hair because of longer time aplication.
    With little darker blond colour my hair is in better condition, but when I saw my hair in photos from time, when I had brown or copper color, there is big difference in quality, with lighter colour there is some damage, but with darker shades there is more gloss, hair is nicer etc. I have long hair (before visit of hairdresser it was long to waist…but hairdressers destroyed my long, long hair, so now hair is shorter, but I’d like to have longer again and darker hair colours don’t damage hair) If I had the courage, I would go into copper again, but I don’t feel, I could wear this colour nowadays 🙂 And it’s hard work to find really copper hair colour, copper colours are usually red today, not real copper. And if something is good, it’s fastly discontinued and no more in production. And I’m afraid, ten years ago hair colours on the market were better, there were more interesting shades (in drugstores too) – but it could be caused by the place, where I live.
    Have a nice day!

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