Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet..This is love!

Hi! How are you?

It took me some time to write this post. I like to make photos using natural light and weather wasn’t helping me 🙂

I think it’s an awesome new product!!! If you like long-lasting lipsticks, matte finish, bright colors, light feeling on your lips you should try it!

bourjois rouge edition velvet

There are 8 shades in this collection. There is only one calm  shade called Nude-ist. Second shade not soooo bright is Peach club. Other shades are for those who are not afraid of color! 🙂

I choosed 05 Ole Flamingo and I’d like to have  02 Frambourjoise and 08 Grand Cru.

bourjois rouge edition velvet flamingo    Packaging:  I like it! Looks very nice, pleasant to hold in hand. bourjois touge edition velvet 05  Application:  As you can see on the photo this liquid lipstick has an applicator like in lipglosses. I find it easy to apply and to draw contour of your lips. I bought it and went to ladies room in the mall to try it immediately. 🙂  What can I say… if first application is easy all others will be even better.

bourjois velvet 05 flamingo
It looks different uder different light. First two photos I think more realistic:)

Texture: When you start to apply it has soft velvety texture.  Hard to explain. At first it’s a little bit shiny but after few minutes it dries completely matte. Some people don’t like matte finish as it looks like paint. I love it! I make all my bright lipsticks look more matte on me (even if they have quite shiny finish). I think this way lipstick doesn’t “shout” from your lips. I hope you understand what I mean:). With Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet you receive an opaque beautiful matte color! I saw on internet someone tried to make half transparent layer. I didn’t try that. First time I applied I received strong bright lips. But I think if to apply a thin layer you will get something strange:D

Feeling: Important point! On packaging you can read “Light texture. Extreme comfort”. It’s true. After it dries completely it feels very very very light!!!! Amazing! 🙂 I should say it doesn’t dry lips. But after 6 hours it felt a little-little dry..actually because I talked a lot 🙂 and I just licked my lips.. and it felt normal again. (and yeah…it stayed on place:) ).

Long-lasting?: WOW!WOW!WOW! Definitely! I talked a lot, had a cup of coffee, ate cake..and what? Didn’t slide anywhere, didn’t disappear or fade. It looked 100% the same as I just applied it! I hate to check my  bright lipstick all the time after I eat or drink in cafe. With Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet..You can forget that you have lipstick on! Amazing for summer, parties, events!! Or just for bright lipstick lovers!

I wanted to add photos of me with this color but I decided to make different post with makeup look where I will use it!

I hope you will like this post! And If you decide to try this lipstick let me know your opinion!


Have a nice day!


12 thoughts on “Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet..This is love!

    • Thank you! Let me know if you don’t forget when you get one:) I forgot to mention about removal.. you should use miscellar water or makeup removal lotion, depends what you like. It’s longlasting so takes a little more effort to remove it. But next day you can apply any other lipstick, lips won’t be stained, don’t worry:)

    • I think shade Frambourjoise looks more like pinky red. Very beautiful shade! This one is deep pink, I saw on some picture from other country advertisement that they call it deep raspberry.

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