Changes, changes, changes.. Haircut


Do you change your haircut, hairstyle or hair color often? Do you like to stick to one style and length for several years?

My new haircut. And hairstyle by ME:)

new haircut
I have no idea why I insert  the same photo twice. Red line shows the approximate length of my hair before I cut it. What do you say?



27 thoughts on “Changes, changes, changes.. Haircut

    • Blue?? Wow! Cool! When I was blonde I wanted to make my hair cotton pink but I didn’t..:/ May be some other time, who knows. When I will be 60 I will decide to have pink hair:D
      My hair is fine and I belive average density, not very dense and not very rare (can hair be rare in english?). if not to do anything with it (style it) it will just be flat, boring, just hanging down with no volume. Does it sound like your hair?

      • I REALLY enjoy my blue hair – it was a complete whim and I did it long before Katy Perry and a 1000 others had it so it was very random, but SO MUCH FUN : )))

        I don’t think hair can be rare in English, but do you mean rare as in not too much hair?

        It totally sounds like my hair! And to top it all, I hate paying lots of attention to it, so most of the time it’s in a braid. ; )

        • I think we did lots of things which became popular after:) Like painting one nail differently:)

          Yeah, I mean rare like not too much very not dense.Is there a word for this? When I don’t know proper word I just translate in my head a russian word to english..that’s why I got “rare” :)))

          I think lots of people had such type of hair and a lot of people don’t know what to do with them. I love hair products just I don’t always can afford something special:) But at the same time I don’t like all this mustard+oils+whoknowswhat home masks. I like oils but for my hair they are not working, may be for scalp but I don’t try this anymore. I’m lazy and I like already mixed products in bottles and jars:D You can’t really make your hair 5 times more dense..and hair length is dead. So if you can make hair look pretty it doesn’t matter how you reach that. 🙂

          • Haha, yes, we’re such trendsetters : D You’re right, accent nails!! : )

            Yeah, I know what you mean, I think we’d just say ‘thin’ and that’s it, because I keep thinking and can’t come up with a better word. But I know what you’re saying.

            Mustard and whoknowswhat : D I know, for example people rave about coconut oil for hair, but for me it just makes it look like a flat helmet, completely weighs it down.

            • Really..I sometimes read such crazy recipes on internet you can’t imagine. Girls are trying to make their hair like disney princesses hair with everything in their fridge some vitamines in liquid form and some strange unknown to me substances:D Coconut oil is one of few oils which actualy can penetrate hair as I know. The longer you keep the better. But it also didn’t work on my hair.. I tried as a pre-wash mask and my hair didn’t become any better. I tried several times. Seeemed only drier. May be for thicker not-colored hair or thick and colored it works. I think a good mask or conditioner will do good work in less time..and your hair will look even better. Noone knows whether you put oil or a good mask on your hair. Everyone see a result:) and you also:)

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