New shade. Goldwell Nectaya 8N/NN


I want to tell you about my new experience with hair dye I tried already. See

If you don’t like to read a lot skip this part:)

     Few days ago I colored my hair with Goldwell Nectaya but I took different shade. Actually betweeen last time I used Goldwell and this time seevral months passed and I tried different hair dyes. In winter I went to salon and got beautiful natural shade but as I came back to Romania I couldn’t find where I can buy hair color from that brand. I even asked my stylist to write me what shades did she mix. So I just tried Loreal Casting 700 but I didn’t make picture of result. It was good. But my soul wanted more experiments and I came back to Goldwell Nectaya. I know..las time I wrote that it made my hair very dry when I started to wash all mixture from my hair. But this time..nothing like that happened! It didn’t dry my hair at all. And I’m very pleased with shade I got.

If you want to know more about  this ammonia free hair color just check my previous post (link above) or go on their official site.

I’m sorry I can’t attach photo Before will see only After!

Note: I’m not responsible for any results of coloring your hair with hair dyes I’m talking about. It’s a story about my hair, not an instruction. 

 Goldwell Nectaya 8N/NN  light blonde/extra

hair on day light

       My roots went a little bit more golden and lighter. Take into account all hair was colored before, only roots were my natural hair color.  It’s not a problem for me that it looks a little more golden as in general on sun hair has golden shine (you may notice on upper right picture). Not yellow!  Goldwell 8N/NN is a natural color and on a color chart you may find it in section of naturals. Obviously:D

What do you think about this shade? I think it looks very natural, like it could be my hair:)

Update 16.06.2014 ! I’m still using this shade and if you see my hair in newer posts it’s the same color!!


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