Current favorites. Hair: leave-in treatments, mask

Today I decided to write about leave-in treatments and one ALL-TIME favorite mask!


Leave-in sprays: 

I tried different one, some from drugstore, some more expensive leave-in treatments in form of oils from Loreal Professionnel and Morrocanoil.

I will write about oils later..Let’s talk about my two current favorites -SPRAYS!:)

A plus of spray –  uniform distribution of product, don’t need to wash hands after:) I like that!

Brelil Bio Traitement Cristalli Liquidi Easy Shine

It’s two-phase product (yellow and transparent layers). You shake and spray.

There is an oil in this series which has a pump and it’s just yellow.

I like spray. Why? Gives shine, awesome scent (LOVE IT!!! makes me feel like I perform something magical with my hair). You can use it on damp hair or on dry or on ready hairstyle. It gives a lot of shine to your hair. On the back of the product it is written that it prevents split ends. May be… I can’t tell for sure.

Before I used oil(silicone based) and they also made my shiny  but after some time my ends became very dry. I stopped using it and then started again. I will make different post about oils. This spray doesn’t dry my hair at all.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner

I tried this one in a salon. And at home I was using Sun potect  spray from Schwarzkopf Bonacure  in summer and I liked it.

For now I decided to take Moisture kick as my hair needed more MOISTURE:)

I like it. Why? Uniform distribution, nice smell, hair feels more soft and moisturized, easier to comb, one bottle lasts long. What do you want more from spray-conditioner?

My hair never feels greasy or  overweighted (right word?)  from this products. May be if to spray toooo much you will feel. I didn’t try to overspray:D

Brelil Numero Crema Ristrutturante All’Avena

The best mask of all times for reasonable price! There are very good masks in this world , but I never tried anything as good as this one for it’s price.  It has an oat extracts, if I’m not mistaken.

It makes your hair smooth, soft, gives you this feeling.. hmm.. Do you know when your hair feels like waterfall?:) If you know  this  mask will give you this feeling. It smells very pleasant. Some people get bored with its smell. Me?Never:)

You can use it as a mask and as a conditioner. You can use it 1-2 times a week as a mask. OR! if you have damaged hair you can use it as conditioner (fast mask:) ) just keep it less like you would do with  your simple conditioner.

p.s. I think Brelil is a brand from Italy.

Do you use leave-in sprays or oils? What is your favorite one? May be you have some favorite mask which doesn’t cost like a train?:)


4 thoughts on “Current favorites. Hair: leave-in treatments, mask

    • Thank you! I got a sample in salon of Moroccan oil. 10 ml. It lasts me soooo long.But I think that it’s very expensive. Of course it lasts forever:D I have mid-lenght hair and I don’t need much, but sometimes it feel too much to spend at once:)

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