Confetti on my nails

Today I’m going t show you my new nail polish! I love it! I think it looks so fresh and happy:)

Here I applied one coat of Flormar Supershine 20 and one coat of Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 115. Golden Rose already has milky base but I wanted it to be more milky to I added base coat of alike shade.


Do you like such nail polishes or do you prefer more classy colors?


10 thoughts on “Confetti on my nails

    • Thank you! Yeah, but not all are very hard to remove. Some I need to rub for 15 minutes:D others just to put a cotton pad for 20 second and it will go very easy.I hope this one will be easy to remove, it’s first time I tried it:)

  1. As a nail blogger, I can never get enough of your nail posts! : )

    Also, I’m coming for you and your cuticles. You better sleep with one eye open, because imma steal them in the night.

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