TAG: Search Engine Strangeness


I came back!! Today I decided to make this funny tag. I was tagged by  Ginger Loves Make-up. Thank you! She has funny search terms in this tag. You should read;)

I’m not sure I will find lots of interesting Search terms in my stats, because I noticed people come what they are searching for:). But let’s see..

I couldn’t find anything funny. So I just choosed few which I couldn’t understand:)

1. romanian words for skin care   – what did they mean? I can’t get.. Interesting did she/he find that on my blog?

2. i am hand und nagel balsam – I’m not hand and nail balm what about you? May be there is such brand I am?

3. i have shoulder length hair and don’t know what to do with it? – Question mark was there. That the only thing which made me smile.

4. how to emphasize freckles – I thought usually people try to get rid of them or just don’t care about freckles.

5. niura jyoti – I have no idea what does it mean. But my cat’s name at home is Niura:) I found  also there is a tv series Jyoti.

6. p.s im the one in red nails – Just interesting search term.

As you can see..nothing funny.:( All other terms was very straight to the problem.

If you find something funny or strange in your search terms write the post with this tag also:) 


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