Pleasant days

I decided to make a small collage of photos with things that can make a simple day more pleasant:)

So you know… I don’t tell that THINGS should make you smile and make your day better..No..But some things you can buy can definitely make your mood better:D

May be I will make such posts from time to time. Would you like?:)

daily pleasant things

Cute cosy socks, presents from someone or just from you to yourself (spoil yourself without a reason), coffee(tea) in some cafe with  nice atmosphere or coffee with a good book, or just making yourself tasty drink at home with chocolates and writting on blog, a cup (mine is customized with photos from my wedding), your fluffy friend (if you don’t have fluffy friend you can use human one:D).

On one of the “coffee drinking” photos I have a letter from my friend. A real letter. That definitely makes you smile:)

What are your small things which make day better?:)

p.s. I’m really sorry for all mistakes I make in my posts:)


9 thoughts on “Pleasant days

  1. This collage really made me smile!
    Definitely keep them coming, this is a very pleasant post.
    Are those all your pics?
    We should definitely be friends. Same things make us happy. Especially cute cosy socks, not all people find them comforting and mood-lifting!
    : ) Love the Fluff!

    • About friends..I don’t mind:)
      Yes, all photos are mine.Thank you!! And you can see that starbucks plastic mug, which you can customize:) I included here also my visit to random cafe and I told I like to read there:)Sometimes I bring something small and tasty with me because they have expensive cakes and it would be tooo much to buy coffee and cake every time:) What do you usually drink there?
      Socks with cat -sooooooo cute.I didn’t know that each sock has a half of cat, they were packed and I thought it’s just a head of cat and then I found out at home that the other sock has tail and legs:D Of course socks can be mood ligting.. Even new shampoo for me can be mood lifting:D

      • Yay, yes, I saw the mug, and knew exactly it was the one you were talking about! ; ))
        Oh, I know, cakes in Starbucks are super expensive, the only thing I sometimes buy in the UK is their chocolate shortbread – it’s really good. I’m a total creature of habit, I go through phases, I used to drink Vanilla Cream for ages, then I moved to Flat White (omg, so good) and now I’ve discovered their awesome tea blend – it’s called Orange Blossom and it’s seriously incredible. I’m a serious tea lover and never thought Starbucks would make me fall in love with their tea, but here I am. You gotta try it!! What do YOU drink?
        Exactly! Me too! It’s not silly at all, a new shampoo or a pair of socks, totally makes me smile : )

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