Cute angel makes your dreams come true

Christmas is coming…

And it’s my first photo which should make you feel some Christmas magic around you!:)

Do you like Christmas? Do you like to decorate your home?

6 thoughts on “Cute angel makes your dreams come true

    • I think it’s normal to collect angels:) I collected beautiful chocolate covers when I was in school..and porcelain dolls and other things. I’d say that dolls not only in school:) Christmas!!! I want so much to decorate everything already!!! I promised my husband that I won’t till weekend..and I’m keeping myself from all nice christmasy things we bought:D

  1. The little angel is really cute. The cheeks, the eyes – cuuuhuuuute!
    I don’t like decorating the house for Christmas – because all the deco will have to be removed at some point and I’m not keen on that.
    To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of Christmas. But what I love to do is buy cute cards and make them even cuter with stickers.

    • And about decoration… you can leave some:) And if someone comes to your home and asks why do you have decorations from can answer it’s your all the time decorations:)

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