Sophie loves make-up

Sophie wants to say “Hi!”  to you!

 She prepared for you a tutorial how to choose a blush!

She proposed the best steps ..WATCH-TOUCH-SMELL 😀sophie and makeup

sophie and makeup2


15 thoughts on “Sophie loves make-up

        • But cat doesn’t take place:) I mean he takes..your place and any place, but it’s not like a dog. You don’t need to walk with a cat. cat doesn’t smell (toilet does:D),cats clean themselves. Just they leave a lot of food and may spoil some things, but not because they want to spoil your stuff, just because they find it fun:D

  1. I used to have two cats when I was a child. I loved them dearly. One of them was lazing around the house all day long, but the other one was very active, always outside chasing mice and other dragons… 🙂
    We just need to move into a bigger home and then I can have 2 cats. I just wouldn’t want them to get bored in our tiny flat…

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