Petrol accent … make-up

Make-up again:)


May be for someone it’s too bright for day but there is no wings, smokey eyes, etc, which makes your look more dramatic and make-up toooo bright.

Today we unite pink, a little bit of black (grey) and petrol color. Petrol  can be called differently but the eyeshadow I used is called like this.

So you know..I don’t process my photos in general. So If you can find some wrinkle or blemishes they are just there and I don’t “photoshop”  everything.  Only if it’s some really seen spot. If I did I’d definitely draw  myself beautiful brows:D

pink petroleum

bourjois and cat
My current foundation. Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance reveal 51. I wish they had shade 50. It’s a little little little bit darker than I need.
You can see Sophie’s paw.. She also likes make-up:)
florma pink
Flormar eyeshadows, which is combined with black eyeshadow from Astor(no photo). Just a little bit of it actually looks grey on pink in reality and on photos. You can use dark grey color with pink. It’s beautiful combination.
mascara pencil
On lower lash line I used Manhattan single eyeshadow in color Petrol (sorry, no photo) together with the same black-grey. It’s not very seen, but it gives greenish-blueish shade. Can I say blueish??:D You can actually apply more and it will look darker and brighter. For waterline I found this amazing pencil from S-he stylezone. I think it’s a brand from DM(drogerie-markt). I applied it very generous not only on waterline but the way so it slides on the lash line at the same time. On the upper lash line I used (as almost all the time) black Essence long-lasting eye pencil.
I’d like to say that this mascara is my new love. I like all Maybelline mascaras but for now this one I’m in love with. If you like natural lashes it gives volumed long fluffy lashes. In this make-up I applied it heavily to reach the effect of doll lashes, when you look at face from some distance.
flormar blush
Flormar blush 87. Calm matte pink shade. The best choice to combine with bright eyes during the day.
bright pencil1
How this make-up looks from distance. It doesn’t look too bright, does it? What do you think? You can easily transform such look for evening adding winged eyeliner and stretching black eyshadow to make a cat eye.
p.s. On my nose I have birthmark.:D

Do you like this look and color combination? Do you use bright shades in day make-up?


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