~Latest beauty favorites~


It’s not a post about October or half of November favorites:) It’s just about latest favorites. Some products I enjoy more than a month:) Also I’m planning to make posts about all time favorites, beauty regrets, etc.

latest favorites

1.Balea Feuchtigkeits Haarmilch Mango + Aloe Vera (Balea Moisturizing Hair Milk Mango and Aloe). (From DM)  It’s a leave-in product for hair. It contains silicone, which I’m not afraid of. 90% of leave-in products which make your hair soft and shiny contain silicone. I have fine hair and this product doesn’t make my hair greasy or weight them down. Of course you need not to put half of bottle of it. I use a little less than one pump.  It makes my hair softer and shinier. I have other leave-in product it makes hair even shinier but now I switched to this one. I like it!

2. Avon Planet Spa Bali Botanica Body butter. It smells amazing, packaging is amazing, moisturizing properties are amazing:D I love this body butter. I use it all the time! I feel like I will finish it soon. I never finished body butter so fast:D I so like to apply it. And it soaks to skin fast. It’s a great plus for me as I don’t like to stay and wait long in bathroom.

3. Nivea Fruity Shine Pink Guava. I’m not new with Nivea lip balms. I took this new just because I never tried with Pink guava. And I liked it. It gives nice pinkish-redish shine to your lips, which is wonderful when you don’t want to wear lipstick or lipgloss but still want to have some color on your lips.

4. Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla&Macadamia. I took it long time ago and I use it every day before sleep. It’s a little bit uncomfortable to take with you because you need to put your finger in it or your lips and this doesn’t look nice on street:D. At first I  was taking it at work and was applying it with finger and 1000 times a day I just opened to smell it. If you like vanilla you should have this butter. It reminds me a vanilla candle I had:). Before sleep I find the best way to apply it..using my lips:D

5. Garnier Ultra Doux Vitality Shampoo 5 plants. It’s my favorite shampoo after I moved to different country. I like few other also but they are softer and I want most of the time to wash my head verrrrry good:). I used this shampoo with the same conditioner, which detangled my blonde bleached hair and made it light  (in a good way), soft and very fresh. As I have now 10000 different conditioners I use just shampoo without the same conditioner. It has a pleasant smell. If you are against silicones, this shampoo doesn’t contain them. It makes my hair fresh for quite some time and it washes away all styling products from your hair.

6. Clean&Clear Blackhead Clearing 2-in-1 Wash /Mask. It really works. I have blackheads, some are not that black but still:D I like to use it after heavy make-up as a mask. It contains clay and salicylic acid (good for clearing pores) and some other stuff:) I like it very much! But I recommend to use a good moiturizer after it, because it may dry your skin a little and I don’t use it every day. I like clay masks and they do clean face good and dry not nice things on my face but this mask has more effect on blackheads.

7. Balea Feuchtigkeits Spulung Mango + Aloe Vera (Balea Moisturizing Conditioner for hair Mango and Aloe Vera). (from DM) It smells veeeeeery good but the smell doesn’t stay on hair. It detangles my hair and makes it soft and pleasant to touch, especially if to keep it for 2 minutes.:) And the price is.. like you get cool product almost for free:D

8. Garnier Ultra doux Hair mask for coloured hair Cranberry and Argan Oil. I take this mask not first time and it’s really good. I use it sometimes like conditioner, sometimes like mask. It really contains argan oil and cranberry seed oil.


9. Balea Sunny Peach Body Cream Limited Edition. This cream is lighter than Avon body butter. It’s for normal skin. Usually I have dry skin during autumn-winter but I took this cream anyway. I wanted to try because it smells with peaches. Before I never tried creams which smells like some food:D  I couldn’t check in store whether it smells pleasant or not. But at home I was glad I took it. It smells wonderfull, soaks pretty fast, moisturizes skin (won’t work for dry-dry skin). It feels like you are applying yougurt … very pleasant. I think it’s an excellent choice for summer. And you get 500 ml for a little more that 2 euros! (at least we have such price here). I didn’t believe that it’s actually limited edition, but when I came to take such cream for my friedns ..No more!:/

Also I forgot to include one more favorite..

real techn

10. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. AMAZING BRUSH for foundation!!! I think it works good for mineral powders as well. As soon as I got it I fell in love! It was a part of my birthday presents:)

I hope you liked this post and didn’t feel bored reading it:)

What is your latest favorite products?

Have a nice day!



13 thoughts on “~Latest beauty favorites~

    • Really? I have a collection:) Should I write lip balms post? There is one I love, but I didn’t include it here, because it’s my all time favorite:D But Nivea balms are all good I think, I liked less one in a light blue packaging with bubbles and the one which gives rose shade on lips became worse than it was several years ago.

    • But lip butter with vanilla .. you should get 99% if you like vanilla smell and vanilla candles:) I like to smell it so much!!! 😀

      • The thing with vanilla is, when it’s in cosmetics, it CAN make my head hurt – I usually like it, but then randomly it does that. So I can’t have lip balm smelling like vanilla. I prefer cleaner, fresher scents : )

        • Oh, I never thought someone could feel bad because of vanilla smell:/ It’s ok there is still 100000 ways lips balms smell:D I didn’t try other lip butters from Nivea, but they have with raspberry, classic and caramel:)

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