~Irresistible chocolates with Essence

No more words… Just important information.:)

What I’ve used:

Essence 3D eyeshadows 09 Irresistible chocolates

Essence Long-lasting Eye Pencils 01 Black Fever

Essence Kajal pencil 22 Taupe me

MAG liquid eyeliner 

Maybelline Volum Express Curved Brush Mascara

I won’t insert photos of eyeshadows swatches as you may see them in my post about Essence. Don’t be lazy to check it:)

Essence eyeshadows, powder, bronzer, nail polishes, pencils, etc. reviews and swatches

3d irresistible chocolates
Essence 3D eyeshadows 09 Irresistible chocolates
essence irresistable chocolates
Warm chocolate make-up.
On sun it sparkles a little as eyeshadows are shimmery, but doesn’t have big sparkling pieces. So you can use this colors for every day make-up.

Do you like? Which colors do you prefer in everyday make-up?

4 thoughts on “~Irresistible chocolates with Essence

    • Oh!I’m very glad you found it! Not at all! What did you take? What did you like? May be you made a post ..just I didn’t see…I will go to check:) If not I’m waiting for reviews:)

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