From pearl-ash blonde to dark ash blonde. Из блонда в светло-русый.


How are you? 🙂

I think I didn’t post anything for several days.  I just didn’t have mood for writing.  And now I came back:)

Few days ago I changed my hair color to darker. I decided after several years of super light blonde I will go to darker and may be next year will change back. I don’t know:)

Из блондинки в светло-русый пепельный.  

Цвет может выйти точно таким же  только, если база (исходный цвет) такая же, как была у меня.

I didn’t become blonde suddenly. I didn’t bleach my hair. I just started to color it lighter and it happened that after some time I came to super white hair:) It took some time. But it was not my aim, actually:D

I tried different hair dyes from supermarket to proffesional ones.

Last several monthes I started to bleach my roots separatly and then using semi-permanent color with an oxidant (I think in english developer is a right word) with low percentage. So I colored my hair tone-to-tone.

If anyone is interested in posts about hair coloring, becoming blonde or what is tone-to-tone, or about hair dyes I used before, PLEASE let me know. 🙂

So let’s see.. what I had on my head for long time.

Ok ok… dark hair is a wig:D But I was that dark some time ago.. In school. I color my hair since..who knows when:D And don’t tell me that it’s bad:D

So as you can see I was whiter, more ashy sometimes. Not long time ago I had light pinkish tone in my white hair. Some time ago had some strawberry-sand undertone of my white hair. I don’t know how else to call that. It was beautiful, but I was keep searching for perfect blonde.

The last experiments of tone-to-tone coloring went wonderful. I got beautiful blonde.

my hair
So clear nice:)

 But now I decided…. that my hair is kinda tired after lots of year coloring and now I need to bleach my roots separately. I wasn’t ready to go really dark. What if I look ugly or older or I don’t like myself in new color?

So my change is not a BIG change.

Please note. That such color as my final color you can get on blonde only if you have initial color as I had. If it’s more yellowish  or darker or anyhow different from the picture above you will get different result.

I’m talking only about the hair dye I used.

And it was….

Revlon Color Silk 60 Dark Ash Blonde. I tried different colors some time before, like Golden Brown, Medium blondes, Light blondes, Ultra light blondes. 🙂 So I decided to change my color not with pro dye but with simple. At least first time as I don’t want any unexpected results:D

Too many words…Let’s see result!

new hair color
I’m very satisfied with the result. What do you think?
It’s still light but not as white as I had. Funny photo:)

What do you think? Which color do you like more? Do you color your hair?

Have a nice day!


25 thoughts on “From pearl-ash blonde to dark ash blonde. Из блонда в светло-русый.

  1. I love both colours!
    You had such beautiful blonde hair so perfect and clear and nice but I like the ash colour also! It suits you!
    Your so pretty 🙂
    I use to colour my hair every now and then, but a couple years ago I stopped and now it’s all grown out and natural, but I have some ombre look going on and I don’t know how or why haha.
    But lately I have been contemplating going darker as a bit of a change and last week I bought a brown hair dye and when I have the time and guts to do so I will dye it brown.
    – Sammy xo

    • Thank you so much. After you wrote how good is my blonde.. I was thinking..may be I didn wrong changing my color:) And thank you for the compliment ^_^ I think you got ombre look during summer. I’m waiting for your color-changing post!!!:)

  2. You look COMPLETELY different with those two blonds. Completely.
    Both really pretty.
    Hehe, I know what you mean, people always tell me I’ll ruin my hair, but they have no idea what dye I use (I have a drastically different hair colour, and one that doesn’t require ammonia or peroxide) Screw them, it’s our hair anyway! : )

    • It’s true, but people drive me crazy sometimes with “natural hair is the best”, “why do you color it. it’s so awful” and bla bla. If I color my hair for more than 7 years probably I know what is bad:D 😀 😀 And thanks! ^_^I sometimes think that may be blonde I look better, when it’s whiter..but for now my hair really needs some rest from white:) My mom told it suits my eyes better^_^ I started to think to color before my birthday even darker, light brown..but not sure. I’m scared:D

      • Hehe, exactly, besides, what’s that question ‘why do you colour it’ – why do YOU paint your nails, put on makeup, braid your hair, put on clothes, eat…? Et cetera, you get my drift. It’s such a silly question. As if the argument ‘it’s not natural’ wasn’t completely fallacious and, well, dumb. I’m starting to rant, I really don’t like it when people think they’re entitled to control other adults’ decisions. ; )
        I’m not surprised you’re scared, with a darker colour, the problem is, later on it is harder to get back to blonde.
        With this ash blonde, I haven’t seen you IRL, but it looks like it’s much more natural looking, and maybe that’s why your mom says it suits your NATURAL eye color better, it’s like, platinum blonde, it is very obvious it’s dyed, with this, you could get away with saying it’s your hair colour : P

    • My mom told the same about my eyes!:) Thank you! And today I finally made hard decision (even I’m still afraid) to give my hair some rest and to color them dark.. (not super dark but even darker) O_o So I will just continue coloring my hair, but won’t bleach roots. This should bring my hair to better condition. But I’m so used to be blonde-blonde and I’m afraid I will look boring or like everyone or strange or older. Even my natural color is dark-dark blonde and eyes are brown and I have pretty dark eyebrows.. and logically dark color suits me..BUT but but.. May be next summer or If I don’t like it very much in dark I will go back to light blonde 😀 I was so brave buying new color but now I’m so afrai again.. I know that first several times it’s going to wash pretty fast so I will have opprotunity to change my mind:D

  3. I was wondering if you’d know how to go from a dark , well, from a dark orange hair color to the dark ash blonde you have. The dark ash blonde hair is exactly what I was looking for! I need a change! If you can help me please reply! Thanks!

    • Hi!
      Is your hair colored? Or you have naturaly such color? If naturally..I would recommend to forget about this idea. If colored it’s not so easy to get ash tones in general and they don’t last long. You need to refresh it, use silver shampoo/conditioner to keep it cool shade. You can’t get simply ash blonde on dark and especially orange hair. You need to remove your color first. I don’t suggest to do this at home by yourself. It’s a great risk not only to damage your hair but also not get the result you want. So you need to remove hair dye (not bleach hair!!!) and then tone it with semipermanent color you want. But!!! You may not get clean white hair after color removing! That why it’s better to go to good salon. It’s not so easy to get clean result especially from dark hair. Some people get light yellow or it takes away color only on 20%. If in salon they can remove color to a good result from first time then they will choose semi-permanent color to dye your hair depending on result. Because they can mix several colors or add mixtones to get right shade and to “kill” yellow which is left in your hair. Ordinary people can’t if they know nothing in mixing colors. Dark orange it’s a lot of orange:D People struggle to get rid of warm tones in theior hair to get ash. If you can find some good forum with hair stylists where they can help you seeing your hair at least on picture you can try to get ash blonde by yourself. If you can’t find any help I’d recommend not to do this at home. 🙂

      • Thank you Anastasiias! My hair is colored from a dark dirty blonde to the orange color. I’ll take you advice and go to the hair salon and hope they can do it! Thank you again!

        • Not at all! If it’s to lighten not very dark hair and color it or just to color it could be done at home. But noone want to damage their hair and get strange result. Of course sometimes happens that we can’t get the result we want even in salon or we go to not very good hair stylist. I wish you to get in good hands:) First go and tell what you want and ask how it can be done and whether it can be done, so you know what to expect 🙂

  4. Hello Anastasia I just love the ashy blond you were able to achive. Bought the Revlon Color Silk 60 Dark Ash Blonde and would love to try it. The color you achived is my dream color. I have hair color bright blond level 9 i think but my roots are darker so I thought to bleach them first and than cover all with the Revlon but I am affraid to get green hair.
    Do you think is it possible? My hair alre quite simillar to youes before dying but more yellow.
    will be very gratefull for reply

    • Hi! If your roots are not really dark this dye will lighten them. Of course not till clean white but it will be slightly more yellowy than other hair. At least that what I got long time before this pic when I used different shades of blonde from the same range of Revlon. If you don’t have long roots I don’t think it’s too visible. But I can’t be sure as I don’t see your hair. It’s not a professional dye and as it lifts color also, may be bleaching roots and coloring them over with such dye is not very healthy for hair. Of course it will give cleaner result. In ideal situation you would need to bleach roots and the tone your hair with professional hair color with low oxide. But it takes time to find what to use to get nice really ashy tones at home and sometimes even if you find a good recipe it takes several dyes to mix which is more money. In this ideal situation your hair gets less damaged. I don’t want to change your mind, so you know. Just I also don’t want anyone to think bad things about me after I shared my experience and someone decided to do the same as I did😃 you know:) I can say that this is one of the most beautiful shades of blonde I ever got. But as you know ash tones don’t last long and you need to maintain it.
      About green hair. It’s easier to get green tone on hair if you dye blonde hair with ashy-natural brown. But I never had such problems with dying my own hair blonde. It will lift hair and it may be yellowish,may have very little of yellow tones but I don’t think it can turn green. I hope I helped you somehow) Write me more if you need. Wish you good hair and nice shade!:)

  5. Thank you so so much for your reply it was very helpful.
    Regarding bleaching my hair I have also a lot of doubts, becouse I am afraid that roots will became lighter then rest and with color it will be not good result. I don’t feel myself to lighten all my hair.
    But I am affraid the color will come much darker on my hair than on yours. I am like level 9 and have 1 cm of darker roots, like medium ash blond. I would like color close to yours
    but I am affraid it will come dark too dark, so that’s why I was about to make my hair lighter.
    What you think is the best way to do?how long you keep Revlon on hair 30 min? I thought to keep it only 20 you think it will be ok?
    And can you tell me what you do to keep the color longer? like to have ashy tone longer?
    I am really courious.
    thank you for beeing so nice and available. Looking forward to hearing from you

    • Hi again, Angelica! Sorry for not replying. I went away to another country and didn’t have computer to do stuff with my blog. Did you dye your hair? I wouldn’t bleach roots i fthe rest of your hair is not white and roots are not dark. I would just try like that and when roots grow I would repeat over new and previous roots again and on rest of hair i would leave it on hair for less time . It is not expert advice but that what I would try to do if I already decided to your this hairdye.I don’t know whether you should trust me 😀 I woudn’t keep it more than 30 min. 25 sounds fine I think. Ashy tones you can keep only with violet shampoos, conditioner, etc..which can be also called silver. Lots of such shampoos are drying:( so it takes time to read reviews to find something not harsh. Another variant which I didn’t try but read about is to mix violet toning masks or creams (there are such in few brands, they are not permanent colours and not semi permament, they are just temporary) and mix with conditioner. Also I don’t recommend using natural oils on ash tones, as they make cool tones disappear very fast.

  6. Hey anastasia, love your blog! And I think you’re absolutely beautiful inside and out. Was wondering how long you kept the revlon colorsilk on your hair? would be great if you could reply ☺️ Love from England x

    • Hi! Thank you! 🙂 It’s really pleasant compliment! I don’t remeber exactly how long i kept it, but not more than 30 min, most probably 20-25. I don’t keep any hairdye more than 25 minutes on my hair:)) If you have already clean blonde hair you should know that using permanent lightening hairdyes is not the healthies thing for hair. I don’t try to change your mind.:) Just want all blondes to be cautious and have the best blonde hair! 🙂

  7. Hi how often do you touch up your roots? Do you use bleach and then the revlon? I really want this ash colour, but need to bleach my hair, which is a medium brown colour, with low lights achieved through bleach. The only thing that is putting me off is root regrowth. I’ve been blond the majority of my life, but it’s too expensive maintaining it at the salon now that I have children.

    • Hi! I’m not blonde anymore but when I was I touched up my roots every month. I tried this revlon shade some time before when I had light brown hair and my hair was not this ashy and roots were a bit more yellow when i had regrowth. I didn’t bleach them separately that time. But here in post, all my hair is clean blonde already covered with revlon. Revlon color is good. But I don’t think you can get so clean ashy result on medium brown just using this dye. You will need to bleach before buuuuut I think it’s quite damaging to bleach and then to use permanent dye. I’d recommend to bleach roots and use toning or semi-permanent professional hair dye to make it ashy. It’s less damaging this way and you can find to buy professional dye cheaper online than in salon. I know this shade is very pretty on pic and I trully miss it and I know it’s not so easy to get nice ashy but still quite natural shade but I want you to be careful with dying continuously bleached hair with permanent hair dye. So try to choose less damaging ways to keep blonde if you like it. I know it’s expensive to maintain shade in salon but if your hair is in good conditions for lots of years it’s worth it actually. Hope this helps:)

  8. That looks like the Revlon medium ash blonde, not the dark ash blonde. I have dyed mine revlons dark ash blonde and it was way darker than that.

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