Nice cards – nice messages!

I decided to show some of the cards I received from different people with their messages. It’s very interesting to read usually, especially when people write some stories or just something about themself. You receive a card, nice wishes and some information about a person from other part of the world! I find this very exciting!  You will see funny bugs and flowers because I needed to cover my private data:)

postcrossing 2 postcrossing 4 postcrossing collage1 postcrossing3 postcrossing5 postcrossing6 postcrossing7



11 thoughts on “Nice cards – nice messages!

    • Thanks! It’s very pleasant to receive so nice cards! I will make more such cards post. I like to read what is written on them also, may be someone find it boring:D

  1. Wow! This is so cool. What is this? How did you get into it? If that makes sense? Like is it some kind of program., how do the people know you or do they just get your name and send you random cards?

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