Essence eyshadows, powder, bronzer, nail polish, pencils, lipstick, etc. Review! Swatches

Hi to everyone who likes Essence or sceptical about this cheap brand or those, who are just going to dicover it!

It took me pretty a lot of time to make photos as the light from window was all the time changing (sun went away, clouds, super sunny) and I needed to change setting 100000 times. Also I didn’t have wet wipes and I needed to wash my hands with soap from all sparkles between swatches:D

Seems I’m not the person who likes to review one single product 😀 I prefer to review everything I tried till now from a specific brand. I know noone likes to read SOOO LOOOONG posts. I’m trying to include lots of products and lots of photos with short reviews so you don’t read long boring text. I think with such speed I will run out of ideas:D Do you like to read all this beauty tags and monthly favouries and regrets and so on? I think everyone doing this and I’m not sure it’s still interesting, even I check all favorites and hauls on blogs I read:)


Essence DOESN’T test their products on animals! I think for lots of people now it’s an important fact.

I won’t write about products I didn’t try by myself even if I heard some reviews on them.

Let’s start with eyeshadows… Be ready for lots o photos!!!! 🙂


I have 2 single eyeshadows and 3 from 3D line – double eyeshadows.

essence 3d eyeshadows
Essence 3D eyeshadows. I choosed 01 Irresistible green dream, 03 irresistible first love and 09 irresistible chocolates!
There are several other colors but that what I’ve got till now. They all have 2.8 g.

 Meet Essence 01 Irresistible Green Dream

3d irresistible green dream
Beautiful shimmery eyeshadows. All this 3D line is double shimmery eyeshadows.
irresistible green dream
01 irresistible green dream swatches on my hand. Dry application. You can apply them dry or wet. If to apply wet they look so so bright and good. It’s about all this line. Down you will see wet application of 03 Irresistible love. But most of time I prefer dry method. Fallout can happen as I think with most of shimmery eyeshadows. And you can notice this even on my hand:)

Meet Essence 03 Irresistible First Love

3d irresistible love
Light pink and silver colors. I don’t like them much in comparison with others because they are very light for me and I can use them only as accents on my eyelid.
irresistible love wet
03 irresistible first love swatches. Wet application.
irresistible love wet and dry
03 irresistible first love swatches on hand. Wet and dry applications.

Meet Essence 09 Irresistible chocolates

3d irresistible chocolates
Beautiful browns. There are lighter brown-beige eyeshadows in this line, but I choosed this one as lighter color is not very light. (sounds stupid) My favorite one! Not as bright as Green Dream, not as light as First Love, good for everyday and special occasions, looks wonderful with brown eyes:)
irresistible chocolate
03 irresistible chocolates swatches on hand. I love it:)

Do I recommend 3D eyeshadows from Essence? I like them (especially chocolates)  and the price is so good. So yes!:)

Now we are moving to two single eyeshadows from Essence.

Meet Essence 03 Starlight, sparkling effect (2,5g)

03 starlight, sparkling effect
Just silver

Meet Essence 63 Is it Purple? holographic effect (2,5g)

63 is it purple holographic effect
Grey-purple, very interesting color. I like it!

 Starlight meets Purple

is it purple and starlight essence
Swatches of Starlight 03 (left) and Is it Purple 63 (right).

 Do I recommend single eyeshadows? For such price,YES!

Let’s move to the brushes! 

Meet Essence Blending Brush

essence blending brush
Cute violet blending brush. You can see how dense it is and the size in comparison with my nail:) I like this brush a lot. May be it’s a little bit not as soft as I’d like it to be, but it’s wonderful size to blend in the eye crease. Bigger brushes for me is comfortable to use to blend more outside of the crease, but this goes exactly where I want it to go:)

Meet Essence Blush Brush and Powder Brush

essence powder and blush brushes
Cute brushes:) What do you think? They are soft, may be not as soft as some brushes(softer than blending brush). But they are cheap and good quality for such money. Nothing falls from them, even I washed them 10000 times. Powder brush now I use for blush and before I used it for powder. Blush brush I usually use for bronzing powder but before I used it more for blush. You can use them the way you like:)

Do I recommend this brushes? If you are searching for cheap good brushes this is a very good choice. I didn’t see any so nice and quality brush for such price. Ok E.l.f. has a pretty good blending brush of the same form, but it’s twice bigger than this one.

Face products

Meet Essence Bronzing Compact Powder Matt (10g)

essence bronzing compact powder matt
Not a perfect bronzing powder but definitely not bad.  As you can see I used a lot of this product. It’s totally matte, which is a great plus, but as you will see on swatches it’s quite orange. You should be careful with the amount you apply.
essence bronzing compact powder swatches
Essence bronzing compact powder swatch.

Do I recommend Bronzing compact powder? 70/30. 70% good, matte and big, but 30% – you should be careful, because it may look orange, which is not a plus.   I heard that the one from Essence Sun club is good but in store I didn’t see any difference between them.

 Meet  Essence All about Matt – Fixing Loose Powder (11g)

It is the same as their other powder Fix&Matte translucent loose powder. Also Essence has All about Matt fixing compact powder.

essence all about mat swatches and concealer
Essence all about matt and Forget it 3 in 1 concealer (about it will be later). And swatch of the loose powder. On face it’s not white, just transparent. This product is my must have! It allows my foundation to stay all day and night without shine, in hot hot summer it also helps but a little less. I have combination skin (in summer t-zone is more oily, acne-prone). Some people love it, others hate this powder. Some says it makes them look white or it doesnt lay good or they look like hairy peach:D I don’t know what they do with this powder I use it like a setting veil on my foundation and don’t take too much on a brush.
essence all about mat
The only minus for me I can’t take it with me. But there is a compact version. As it keeps my face shine-free for a long time I actually don’t need to take it with me outside.

Do I recommend? YES!!!

Meet Essence Forget it 3 in 1 concealer (3.5 g)

essence forget it concealer swatches
Forget it 3 in 1 concealer. For dark circles, blemishes and red spots. As you can see I used green one a lot, for pink spots it works pretty good. I tried beige but it’s too dark shade for me. And I don’t use pinkish park for dark circles because I don’t cover usually with any additional products my under eye area, only foundation.

Do I recommend Forget it concealer? People like it. I liked green:) I can’t tell anything else about other colors.

Now it’s time for lip products!

I don’t own a lot. Just two – lipgloss and lipstick. I had one lipstick more but I throw it:D

Meet Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss 022 Nude Kiss and Lipstick 53 All About Cupcake!

essence xxxl lipgloss and all about cupcake
Essence xxxl shine lipgloss 022 nude kiss and lipstick 53 all about cupcake and their swatches. I liked this gloss so much in winter my lips looked like baby doll style. It stays pretty good but not wonderfull. I liked this lipgloss but it has 50/50 reviews. Lipstick in shade 53 all about cupcake is very nice pinkish-redish color, which is half-trasparent, feels on lips more like balm. It’s a very nice everyday color. Not long-lasting. Packaging is very simple but not ugly 🙂

Do I recommend to try this products? Yes, why not?:) You can have your opinion on this products, I’m going to get some lipsticks from Essence which we didn’t have before, so may be you will see new post:)

Meet the worst lipstick I ever tried.. Essence 52 In the nude

essence 52 in the nude
Some people like it so much, telling how beautiful nude color they got. First of all I can’t tell it’s bad because of color. It just doesn’t suit me. This is not my nude. I look like ill with this lipstick. Why i didn’t like it is because of the way it lays on my lips. I don’t know why previous lipstick is good and this one lays so awful :/ I applied even after balm.. anyway it finds something dry on my lips and shows it to everyone, lays in some lines.. bee. I throw it. May be you will like it, but I don’t.

Do I recommend lipstick In the Nude? May be if you have different type of appearance from mine. Some people doesn’t have problems with application of this color.

Next are… Eyeliner, pencils, eyebrow kit and pigments.

essence eyes and brows products

Meet Essence Long-lasting Eye Pencils 02 Hot Chocolate and 01 Black Fever

Kayal pencil 04 White

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 2 Glitter Eyeliner 01 Alice had a Vision Again Limited edition

Why I’m writing about limited edition? I don’t think you can still find it, but… If you will see the same product in other lines of Essence you can expect that it will work alike the product I’m going to show.

essence eyeliners and eye pencils swatches
Essence Long-lasting Eye Pencils 02 Hot Chocolate and 01 Black Fever, Kayal pencil 04 White, The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 2 Glitter Eyeliner 01 Alice had a Vision Again Limited edition. Swatches! The black eye pencil looks on eyes like a liquid eye liner. Very dense black! Love it! As you can see I applied glitter eyeliner just on hand and it looks bad. On eyes even worse:D But with balck eye liner or pencil it works! You can see a second line with Essence long-lasting pencil in black ang glitter liner on it.
What about white Kajal? It’s really white. After some time it will disappear from a waterline but it will stay pretty long (as for me). It’s very soft pencil and doesn’t scratch waterline at all. It’s really white-white when you apply it. You can check my Tenderness make-up post. I used black pencil and white kajal there.
essence breaking down glitter eyeliner
Now you can see why I took it:D It sparkles so nice in the tube.

Do I recommend Essence Long-lasting eye pencils? YES!!!!! I think I have also violet…but I forgot about it :/ I can include it in next review. And Kajal is the softest and cheapest pretty good kajal I could find. It’s my second one.

Meet Essence The Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 Pigments 04 Edward’s Love (3.4 g)

essence twilight pigments
Essence pigents swatch. I think I needed to make a wet application also, but you can guess how it’s going to look:D The minus of this and may be of all pigments, especially with sparkling particles.. is when you open them, they are all over:D If you apply on your eyes..Half of your face is sparkling:D So first eyes and then foundation, or be ready to wipe and re-apply foundation under eyes and probably on cheeks. But they really look very nice. I used them in my new year make-up. I liked but to use them is  a hard work:).

Meet Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set

essence eyebrow kit
Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set.  As you can see from a hole I like it. It has also eyebrow stencils, but they are useless for me as I have my length of eyebrows and form which doesn’t go with any of this stencil and I don’t want to draw totally new eyebrows on my face:) I use lighter color as I have blonde hair and quite dark eyebrows (I don’t want to make them even darker) and when you apply it doesn’t look that light. I use the brush from the set for me it’s comfortable, some may find it not precise.

Do I recommend Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set? Yes. 

 Last products… NAIL products! 

I already wrote about nail fine and nail caring oil from Essence in Nail care post and I don’t want to repeat so you can check it separately,

I can tell that the nail file I use only for polishing my nail and it’s wonderful nail file. My nails stay nice and polished very long. And it’s good to polish your nails a little for smooth application of nail polish. Too many “polish” I used 😀

Meet Nail Polishes

Color&Go 146 that’s what I mint

Nude Glam 08 peach and cream

Me and My Ice cream 01 ben&cherries (limited edition)

essence nail polishes
I don’t  like their nail polishes. Nude one is awful. It leaves lines during application and after second layer it doesn’t become any better. Me&my icecream- the same, nice color, impossible to apply normally. But I saw ONE photo from girl, who managed to apply it beutifully. May be my hands grom from some different place? But this happens to me only with nude-light colors from Essence. Let’s talk about minty one- beautiful, easy to apply, don’t have problem with application of this color, but.. it doesn’t stay good. One day you applied, second day it’s chipped already. If you like to re-apply nail polish every day you can take it. Glitters from essence are good. I again forgot to include a product I have:D Good.. Something left for a new post.
Essence 146 That’s what I mint

Uh.. That was a long post. 🙂 I hope you will like it and it will be helpful.

Did you try anything from Essence? Do you like this brand? How do you feel about cheap make-up products?


7 thoughts on “Essence eyshadows, powder, bronzer, nail polish, pencils, lipstick, etc. Review! Swatches

    • Yes! On eyes they look very bright! I have a photo but it’s not very good but it makes your eyes soo seeeeeeeen:) I don’t know right word for explanation:)

        • Yes!! You are right! Accentuate! I need to remember:) Really I think will be too green. I saw nice green make-up on green eyes matte and a little shimmer, but this is too shimmery.:) But I like it sounds like a plus:D

  1. The pigments look really messy! Sorry they didn’t work out the way you hoped. I can imagine what the skin below your eyes and your cheeks looked like after the first try. Hard work… make-up should be fun, but not hard work. 🙂

    I love the irresistable chocolates eyeshadow, the brushes (I am in love with the pink powder brush), the 3 in 1 concealer (I had the same one a while ago – I also used up the green much quicker than pink and beige) and the eyeliner pencils.

    I have used Essence eyeliner pencils since 2004 and I agree. They are the best. They are soft, they don’t make my skin break out, the colour pay-off is incredible and they’re super cheap. My favourite eyeliners by a mile! I think I have about 10 left but on my next trip to Europe I’ll buy another ten! 🙂 It’s always good to know that you won’t run out of beauty staples. And… Essence’s black eye pencil is my 2nd favourite make-up product ever. It takes the 2nd spot right after my Maybelline Mousse make-up. 🙂
    Something else: So far I haven’t seen Essence in any drugstores over here, but I’ll keep looking.

    • Strange, I read on someone’s blog..may be they just start to bring Essence. And yeah, so agree about pencils!!The best and cheapest! Other pencils are at least twice more expensive. And pigments.. It’s very hard to apply any pigments I think. I tried some pro sparkling one, it was all over face:D And I applied on girls face foundation before…so I needed to wipe half of cheeks and all over I managed to get rid of sparkles with brush:D I hope so you will find Essence in your stores soon and will get some more cool stuff:) I bought today to try eyebrow gel.

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