Sand-sugar effect with Golden Rose Holiday №52

No words….Just photos:)

It’s a real holiday!!!

golden rose holiday 52

golden rose holiday 52 p

golden rose holiday 52 p1

golden rose holiday 52 pp

golden rose holiday 52 pppp

Do you like sugar-sand effect on nails? Do you like this nail polish?


11 thoughts on “Sand-sugar effect with Golden Rose Holiday №52

    • It feels not very pleasant but on second day I forgot about it.It feels worse than just glitter:D If you wear tights you need to be carefull, this polish has big pieces of glitter also and it may stuck on tights and break them:)

      • I meant to send this hours ago:

        Worse than regular glitter?! I don’t wear tights often, but I usually ruin my manicures when I wash my hair – which I do every morning. I have long hair (which is something between wavy and curly) and I need to untangle the knots very carefully or else my hair looks like a bird’s nest… And even with regular glitter this can be a nightmare when a single strand of hair gets stuck behind a glitter particle. I am not telling you anything about what happens when the end of a hair knot get somehow trapped under (!) the polish. I don’t want to give you nightmares… 🙂

        • 😀 I already imagined:D Yes, on touch worse that glitters I have..I mean feels unpleasant like you touch some brick?:D but during wash nothing stucks. Why don’t you use comb wide tooth? It’s helpful and not damaging under water and when you comb just wet after shower hair.

          • Here’s the next weird fact about myself: I don’t use combs or brushes. I haven’t since I was a teenager. My mum never understood because she has naturally straight hair. I rather use a ton of conditioner and my hands to untangle knots in the shower. Works like a charm! Since I’ve stopped brushing / combing my hair, I haven’t had a single split end in more than a decade. Not many women with curly hair who blow-dry their hair every day can say that… 😉

            More weird facts in the Liebster nomination post! xoxo

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