Autumn and Winter Tag

My first TAG post.
Thanks to Ginger Loves Make-up  🙂

winter autumn

The questions:

1) Whats your favourite autumn lipstick?
Rimmel Moisture Renew Vintage pink. I just bought it but I can already call it my favorite.

2) Whats your favourite autumn trend?
I have no idea. May be ankle boots on heels?!

3) Whats your favourite autumn candle?
I have candles in different rooms but I light them not very often. I will choose Vanilla.

4) Do you have any autumn traditions?
I don’t think so. But I like hot wine with spices when it’s cold outside. I found in english it’s called mulled wine:)

5) Whats your favourite thing about autumn?

I like parks in the autumn, when there are a lof of differently colored leaves. Also I have birthday:D

6) Whats your favourite clothing of item for autumn?
I like dresses and it doesn’t depend on a season. But I also like knitted sweaters (but it’s hard to find the one I like 100%) , but I don’t own any.

7) Favourite autumn nail polish?
Dirty pink, deep red, deep violet, purple, milky-pinky:D

8) Favourite autumn beverage? 
Green tea and mulled wine:)

9) Favourite autumn snack?
So hard question.. Now I’m drinking coffee with marshmallows. Can marshmallows be a snack?

10) Which celebrity inspires you most in autumn?
None. People around can ispire me. On street, in some video, etc.

I tag:

Sammy’s beauty
 Amber’s Blog 

I’d like to tag more, but seems people I tagged before not fans of Tags:D So I just welcome anyone who follow me to write such post. And let me know in comments. It would be interesting to read your answers!

Have a nice day!


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