The best autumn lipstick

The best autumn lipstick sounds powerful:D But it’s really very good. I’m even amazed:)

So let’s start..

The best lipstick for this autumn  is RIMMEL MOISTURE RENEW in shade VINTAGE PINK (180).

Ok.. It can be best not only for autumn but any other season, but such colors are usually associated with autumn, blankets, tea, hot wine or chocolate:).

1. Packaging

rimmel moisture renew packaging
Oh.. It’s so shiny and this crown .. You just want to keep it in hand 🙂

2. Color and pluses

rimmel vintage pink2
180 Vintage Pink. Not bright and not boring. It makes your lips a little darker (depend on your skin tone) but still looks quite natural. A perfect shade of calm pink. If you want to get deeper color on your lips you just need to apply two layers. It’s perfect for everyday day make up. It goes good with natural eye make up and not only.  If you make eyes darker with such lipstick you will become a diva from 1920s without scaring yourself with dark plum shades:D
rimmel vintage pink
Vintage Pink on sun and in the shadow. I’m sorry I don’t make photo of lipstick on my lips.

3. Even more pluses

I tried it yesterday so I can already make a review on it.

– Long lasting! It’s true. Even after drinking and eating cookies 🙂 it’s still stays on the lips. I checked two times but then forgot about it. I’m sure with red color I’d still keep checking but with this lipstick in this shade I forgot about it pretty fast. It doesn’t dissappear by parts but just fade a little and I still could see the color on my lips when I came home. It didn’t gather in the corners of the mouth during eating and didn’t smudge anywhere.  I applied it without any powder because that tricks I do only with very bright colors.

– It’s not fat. I don’t know how would native speakers call this 😀 There are some lipstick which glide on your lips like butter (like fat melted butter) and it’s not pleasant. This lipstick glide on your lips pleasantly. It doesn’t dry lips at all. Ok.. It’s called Moisture Renew, so probably you should expect moisturizing:)

– Good application. What do I mean? There are some lipsticks-balms which doesn’t lay good till you use some scrub on your lips and make them perfectly smooth and even after that lipstick can find some imperfection and show to everyone:D This one .. heaven! 😀 Of course if you apply on super dry lips it won’t work. But I just simply prepared, applied lipstick and it looked wonderful without any additional work.

– I think it’s a plus, at least for me. It’s not shiny like some fat 😀 lipsticks. It gives half 80% matte 20% shiny finish.

Just perfect.

Did you try this lipstick? In what shade? If not.. I recommend it! Definitely! 🙂


13 thoughts on “The best autumn lipstick

  1. Thanks for this one! Love the shade. But I am pretty sure they don’t sell this one in the UK. I have never seen it before. 😦
    I have quite a few Rimmel lipsticks and I too love the Moisture Renew range. I have Sloane’s Plum, Odyssey Brown, Auburn Breeze and a few others but I’d need to look them up.

  2. The Ulta brand lipsticks are awesome for fall too! They have a lot of seasonal colors and are very reasonable when it comes to price ❤

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