Red lips look

Today is a post which was ispired by the  Sammy’s beauty , who posted a haul with red lipstick:)

So one day I decided to go out for coffee being such a lady 🙂

I’m sorry for the quality of photos. I was preparing and didn’t  plan to make photos and I was lazy to take camera. And with one hand I’m pretty bad in selfies.  And the light is also not the best:D But… if you came to see red lipstick please suffer a little:D

p.s. If you think I use too many smiley faces.. sorry.  Just it’s already a habit and if you have an online friendly chat with Russian/Ukrainian you will notice we are a little overusing smiley faces. It came to such point that if someone wrote you something without 🙂 you will think she is rude to you:D I know it’s stupid.  

I will start with lipstick I used.

Small review: I love Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks. They have bright colors and stay good.

But anyway when I apply red or any other very bright lipstick it bothers me all the time what if it smudged (is it good word?) somewhere aroung lips..or when I drink it bothers me all the time:D It stays good, but I check it every 3 sips for sure. If someday you are too concerned about something just wear bright lipstick and all you will be thinking about whether it stays on its place:).

The way I apply bright lipsticks: lipstick+powder+lipstick+kiss a paper+a little-little-little of powder to make it a little matte. I know after such manipulation it stays very good but I can’t stop myself checking it.

maybelline_pleasure me red 547

Here I found the first photo when I just brought this lipstick home and tried it:) Color looks a little different because of camera.


Here is few days ago look after I read Sammy’s post.

red lipstick preparation
Before hairstyle..looking funny with this rollers:D But here you can see my full make up. Very unusual to post all face. I’m more of eyes-posting girl.
red lipstick
Make up and hairstyle.
(not best quality and light, sorry)
Outfit + red lips.
The worst selfies 😀 I don’t have so long hands too make all look without mirror.

Thank you for attention:)

Do you like red lipstick? Do you own any?


21 thoughts on “Red lips look

  1. I really like red lipstick! However, I’m not quite brave enough to wear it … 😦 Nonetheless I recently bought 2 very bright colors from the Maybelline Super Stay 14h Lipstick Line: ‘Stay with me coral’ and ‘Non stop red’ 🙂

    • Be brave! 🙂 The one you got I just checked photos – they look very nice. And Stay with me coral is pretty calm color so you can start with it. It not screaming red so you should feel yourself comfortable:)

    • Thank you! May be you just think so?:) I think red suits to a lot of people, but it’s important to choose a right shade. For example, like nude,..someone uses such beige light nude lipsticks and I look ill with such:D I think if you mix with other you still get bright beautiful color. I think main is to feel comfortable with bright colors.

      • Brownish and plum shades suit me best. I occasionally wear brighter shades but think that orange, red, all nudes and light pinks look awful on me. But I would never through out any perfectly good product just because I don’t like it on its own. I always mix shades with my lipstick brush. 🙂

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