Nail polish collection update

So many interesting nail polishes all over the internet. I also wanted to have something special. And I got a package-present from my mom:)

Meet new friends of my nails!

Three nail polishes from Diva are termo nail polishes. They change color.
2-nd, 3-rd and 4-th from the left are “feather” nail polishes. I don’t know how else to call them. But Nail inc has the same type and they are called Feathers.
And 5-th is send (sugar) sparkling nail polish.
Cool!!!! Isn’t it?:)

Right now I’m applying second nail polish  from this line on light blue base. So wait for nails of the day post:D




6 thoughts on “Nail polish collection update

    • YeS!!I watched on internet so many cool nail polishes appeared and I also wanted. But here I can find only simple nail polishes or more expensive like OPI or Nail inc.. I told my mom about this new things 🙂 And she got for me ^_^ And for example Nail inc Feathers cost like 5 times more expensive then the golden rose one with totally the same effect, even cooler colors:) So when I received package I was verrrrrryyyyy glad:)I couldn’t decide which to try first when I came home:D

      • It’s crazy what nails inc charge for a bottle of so-so polish. I have 5 nails inc polishes, they all came for free with a magazines, but I find there’s plenty of better stuff out there for a fraction of a prize. So happy you got these amazing budget beauties! Your mom is awesome, please tell her. 🙂

        • I will tell:D Thanks to her I receive sometimes cool stuff I can’t get by myself or here in other country.:) Yes, I was watching Nail inc. in store and it cost so much, I can buy Sephora 4 eyeshadow palette already. Or take super cool conditioner for hair or mask (I’m hair products crazy:D).So I don’t understand why price is so high.

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