Romanian skin care products- Elmiplant Part 1

Previous year I moved to Romania and as all girls would do I started to try products which I didn’t have opportunity to try before. I decided to try different romanian products and some others which you can get here.

Elmiplant seems popular brand which has quite a lot of skin care products. They also have a line of products Bioten, I tried several products from Elmiplant. I will start with 3 products and later I will make other posts on more products from Elmiplant.

Initial data: combination skin, acne prone. In summer more oily.

Elmiplant Skin Control Gel Exfoliant Zilnic (Everyday exfoliating gel) and Lotiune pentru ten cu imprefectiuni ( Lotion for skin with imprefections).

1. Elmiplant Skin Control Gel Exfoliant Zilnic (Everyday exfoliating gel). It says it removes blackheads. Actually Im not a big fan of exfoliating products but I use them sometimes. I like more to use sponges for face. This exfoliating gel I can call scrub at least for me. This green particles in gel dissolve and they feel like sand. I don’t think it’s a product which actually you should use every day. But for some people it’s ok to use scrub every day. For me this products is something I use rarely, mostly when I have some dryness on my nose or chin where I want to exfoliate some dead skin.  It helps a little to lighten blackheads but doesn’t help to get rid of them. In general, It’s impossible to do. But it’s pleasant at least to make pores less wide and blackheads -lighter and by exfoliating from time to time you can lighten a little after acne scars.

I would put this product 4/5, because I’m not a fan of exfoliating things for every day. But I think in general this product is not bad. Also if someone has lots of problems on skin it’s not a good thing to exfoliate every day, because you can cause only more problems by spreading bacterias.

2. Lotiune pentru ten cu imprefectiuni ( Lotion for skin with imprefections).

I will estimate it only the way I use it. I don’t use it on all face but only if I scratched something and don’t want any bacteria to get inside, so I use it as antiseptic. Also if I was trying with my hands to get rid of blackheads most probably I will wipe this place with lotion.  It contains alcohol, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, calendula flower extract and some other leaf oils. If you are interested I can list ingredients.

As it has alcohol it may dry your skin. I had oily skin some months ago and I could wipe all my face and I didn’t feel any dryness. But for now it’s a little too harsh even I apply cream after lotion.  If you overdry your skin it won’t help with acne and oily skin. Your skin can start to produce more oil which will lead to more problems on your face. You can get also oily dehydrated skin. Lotions with alcohol not always makes you feel dry.  You should “listen” to your skin.  I can give 4/5 to this lotion. As i’m satisfied with it the way I use it. It’s not my main lotion, so I won’t give 5/5, as I don’t use it all over my face.

Update: I still buy it from time to time for imperfections only.

Elmiplant Skin Moisture normal/combination skin ( ten normal/mixt) (cu extract de gutuie)  with quince extract

3.  Elmiplant Skin Moisture normal/combination skin day creme ( ten normal/mixt) (cu extract de gutuie)  with quince extract.

This cream smells wonderful!! 🙂 You need just a little to apply on face and neck. First time I took a lot 😀 It doesn’t contain paraffin, colorant (?) and parabens. As all other Elmiplant products. I think it’s good. It has very light pleasant texture. I like this cream, especially when my skin tends to be combination, not oily. It absorbs fast and leaves my skin pleasant on touch, not sticky or shiny. I like! I can put 5 from 5.

Update: I used almost all but then my skin changed a little to more and I stopped using it. I think combination-oily skin types will like it, but combination-dry-no. 

I know that this post may not be interesting to most of people, but if someone from Romania visit my blog it may be useful:)

Soon I’d like to write a post about more Elmiplant products, Herbagen, Gerovital plant, Vivanatura, etc.


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