OPI vs Flormar. Polka.com vs Glitter GL09

More expensive doesn’t always mean better.

Sometimes cheap nail polishes can have better quality than expensive one or the same. And some expensive can have worse quality than the cheapest nail polish in the world:)

I should say I don’t own Opi Polka.com, but I saw lots of photos so I can compare with the one I own and it’s Flormar Glitter GL09, which looks the same as OPI nail polish in bottle.

I guess  from pictures on internet that Polka.com may have a little more glitter in it.  One layer of OPI on photos gives a few more glitter particles than Flormar, but cost 3 times more.

flormar vs opi

On pink I applied one thin layer of just opened Flormar (ph.4) . Next time I got more glitter. On other photo I combined flormar with some silver glitter to have more small particles between big one. Middle finger from three on picture (ph.3) has 2 layers of Flormar GL09.

I don’t see any reason why to take OPI Polka.com if you can’t afford and you can find Flormar GL09.

Do you like glitter nail polishes?


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