Don’ts for Blondes. Color, bleaching, etc

If you are natural blonde this post is not for you:)

Everyone who wanted (wants) to look like Gwen Stefani, Merilyn Monroe, Charlize Theron,or any other famous blonde you are welcome to read.

If you go to salon to deal with your hair and follow all instruction of your stylist, probably there is nothing new for you and won’t be useful.


Please DON’T take this instruction as the instructions of pro or as enough information to bleach your hair!!!It’s not enough!!! If you didn’t get something you need to ask. It’s better than end up with half-burned head and broken hair!!! Chemicals are not things to play!

1. DON’T flatter yourself and estimate the condition of your natural hair and color before going to be blonde. It’s very important.

2. If you are going to become blonde at home DON’T trust your friend’s advises if she has  5 shades of blonde in different parts of her head and 10 cm of roots.

3. If you can’t find information on internet on forums from pro  and you don’t understand the processes which goes in hair while bleaching and dyeing better DON’T start doing anything with your hair. If first time it may go ok, it doesn’t mean you won’t suffer from consequences after 15-20 time.

4. DON’T believe that hair color from supermarket is worse than professional one. Cheap, maybe. Other products may be good. Professional will work super only if you are a pro or at least you know what you are doing.

5.  Remember hair color differs from hair bleach even the result is blonde hair. Bleaching leaves hair empty. Hair color not only lightens your hair but fill it with pigment.

6. DON’T bleach bleached hair. If it happened few times you just damaged your hair. On 15-20 time your hair will start to break. Especially if you are using oxidant (oxidation cream) with high percent like 9%, 12%.

7. Take proper oxidant!!! DON’T take too high percent. 12% and bleaching powder is for  black super strong dense hair. You can burnt your hair and your head!!!!!!!! Choose oxidant according to your hair.  + DON’T ever bleach hair when you have clean head. It should be dirty! Fat which your head produced works as a protection.

8. Better DON’T stop process of coloring your hair on bleaching. Bleach makes your hair empty. It’s easier to break or damage. Blonde hair is the most fragile hair. Semi-permanent hair dye will help you to get shiny interesting shades of blonde and fill your hair with pigment.

9. If you take hair color in supermarket others already decided for you which oxidant you will use, If you have already blonde hair and want to color with hair color roots DON’T spread hair color on already white hair. Of course, you will cover some part of your hair anyway but don’t go on all length and ends. ESPECIALLY ENDS. When you will wash head color will spread anyway all over hair. It should be enough.

10. If you are choosing semi-permanent hair dye from pro colors (after you bleached your roots or hair) DON’T take oxidants with high percentage. You don’t want to lift up your color. It only can damage. Oxidant 1.7% -1.9%  is what you need to color your hair tone-to-tone.

11. If you dye with pro colors DON’T be lazy to read instruction. Everything is mentioned there. Information like..which oxidants this color works with and how long you should leave it on hair.

11. Dyeing your hair by yourself NEVER EVER leave bleaching powder longer than it’s written. Don’t do the same with hair colors! Time was written like a rule! If you are not a pro always follow rules! People wrote this time not randomly.

12. There are pro hair colors which will work good and will make you blonde without bleaching your hair before. Only for natural hair.

13. If you are blonde DON’T forget about leave-in sprays or creams for your ends and length. There are a lot of products which doesn’t leave your hair dirty or overweight them. You should protect your hair good. Don’t use this products on roots.

14. There are lots of information all over internet. Important is to find one, which will suit you. It’s not so easy to find what will work for you perfectly. It takes time. DON’T give up.

15. If you don’t like to search for information and read everything to find a proper solution for your hair just DON’T and go to salon. 🙂

my hairIf you are interested in Blonde color, dyeing your hair, hair care products and hair colors let me know 🙂


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