Brownie-geddon. Light Brownie

Finally, it’s a first post in cooking category. It took me some time to gather myself to write this post:D

Brownie-geddon as you guessed appeared from Armageddon but with brownie:D

So… Let’s talk about brownies!!!!! 🙂

I made several times my classic brownie (may be not classic in general) and it always went good, tasty and didn’t survive more than two days, so tasty it was. But about my classic recipe I will write in some other post. Today we are going to talk about brownie I made first time and it went amazingly tasty.  The recipe is called Light Brownie. I found it on some site and now I’m going to try all types of brownies they wrote about. Because my classic one is already boring to make:D


  • 0,5 cup of olive oil
  • 2 eggs
  • 0,5 cup of espresso or turkish coffee
  • 0,5 cup of brown sugar (I used simple one)
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 0,5 tea spoon of leavening agent (I don’t know is it right or not. I watched on wikipedia. Native speakers, correct me, please!)
  • 300 g of chocolate
  • 1 tea spoon  of vanilla extract (or just vanilla sugar)

What you should do:

Mix oil, coffee, sugar and vanilla extract. Add beaten eggs (is it right? beaten?), mix thoroughly. Add flour, leavening agent and melted chocolate, mix good and put to baking dish (omg I don’t know such term.  hope it sounds ok). Bake in preheated oven on  180ºС  35-40 minutes.  Cut when it cools down (totally).

How I did 

eggs and all
Beaten eggs separately. Sugar with oil waiting for next ingredients:)


melting chocolate
Melting 300 g of dark chocolate (72% of cocoa).
That’s how I melt chocolate:D
Melted chocolate! Tasty!! I ate one spoon of chocolate before mixing it with other ingredients.
turkish coffee
Making coffee. I don’t have a coffee machine. So meet Turkish coffee.

Here is no picture of adding coffee or flour. Why? Because it could be the dirties pictures from all cooking pictures.

I was mixing everything in plastic bowl. I don’t know why I’m so stupid and didn’t think  that my bowl can  crack when I was adding super hot coffee to oil. But it cracked just a little so I proceed with next steps. When i added flour …. Oh ..It looked strange and unmixable 😀 and I couldn’t mix that till I remembered that I have a hand blender. But I didn’t think that i have not large amount of mixture and it won’t be enough to dip a whisk in. And in radius 1-2 m around the bowl a small Brownie-geddon happened:D Small drops were  everywhere:D Next time I will be smarter. Anyway the result worth 3 minutes of wiping everything around 😀

So mixture was ready…. and I put it in silicone baking form (dish? or what is right word for this?).

In reality it looked super black!
Photo from phone. Sorry for not the best quality. After it became cold I put it on plate and here it doesn’t look so attractive as in reality.

Enough with not so attractive pictures.. Now you will see BROWNIE IN ACTION 😀

Photographer: me

Model: Brownie and friends 🙂

Do you see that soft chocolate inside which attracts you?:)
Super-chocolate brownie with coffee – best combination. Let’s add some book to read – wonderful! 🙂 Also you may see a super small letter I received from my friend.
p.s. needed to spoil photo with that heart .



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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

This recipe is very good. Brownie is super tasty and super chocolate. I think if to add more eggs and flour you can make it bigger but still tasty.

Do you like brownie?


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