Nail care products (new and review on old)

Sometimes I’m very lazy to paint my nails. Does this happen to you?

Yesterday I got some new products for nail care: cuticle remover, oil for nails and cuticle and nail file (first time found out how people call it in english, I hope it’s right word).


Usually I can apply some shea butter on my cuticles, so it doesn’t look dry and my manicure looks good. And it works wonderful. But I’m a girl and it’s never enough 😀 I decided to take Essence Studio Nails Caring Nail Oil. It has comfortable applicator and  my nail care becomes not just rubbing in shea butter BUT a ritual with a special nail oil with super applicator:D Doesn’t it sound attractive?

What Essence says on the bottle:  This rich oil intensively nourishes nails&cuticles, helps to enhance nail growth. (3,5 ml of oil)


Smell: soo good:) I can’t decide how exactly it smells. It reminds me of a lemonade in childhood with some fruit. I still can’t understand how it smells exactly. May be like lemonade with pear? I don’t know. Anyway it’s pleasant.

Works? I can’t tell for now about growth and I don’t need to enhance it. As oil for cuticle it’s pleasant and easy to apply. I left it for some time and then rub in cuticle. I should say that I try to cut cuticle at least as much as I can, but I anyway  have dry spots around my nails and it cuticle start to grow fast so oils help not to see anything unnice around my nails. My nails after Essence Caring nail oil  look neat.

Next is Astor cuticle remover. It goes in a box with small wooden stick (I didn’t know there is a stick, so it was pleasant to find it there)  for removing and moving cuticles:) I didn’t try it because I just took it and cut my cuticles. It says to keep it few minutes and then remove.


The last thing I got is a nail file from Essence with 4 steps. I didn’t try it. But usually I like all such nail files, even I always use glass one. But to polish I needed new on., so I decided to take all in one:D Why not?

nail file essence

In the past….. 

I had two cuticle removers before. The one I liked a lot is Sally Hansen Instant cuticle remover. You should keep less than minute and it works wonderful. Bottle is big so it lasts long.


The other one I tried (for those who lives in ROMANIA) was Farmec Cuticle Peeler. I didn’t like it too much. Good it’s not expensive.  When I was applying it too much product was going from the tube. It did some job..but not the way I wanted.  It softens cuticle and allow you to push it with stick and manicure becomes  pretty neat but it doesn’t work as good as Sally Hansen.

And …tada-dam:D today’s manicure

nails blue
MAG 138 and Miss Sporty Sparkle touch
Astor Protect and Shine topcoat

How do you care about your nails?


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