Happy colors for nails

 A little post with nail polishes and a super easy way I store them.

Do you like to paint your nails?

I like to have nice nails, but sometimes I hate applying nail polish. About storage: I don’t like to put them in any box or so, because all the time one or two or more you will put out of the box and there will be no sense in this way you store them. So I just prefer to put them on some shelf. If you have empty one is the best variant for me. Better only plastic organizers. But it’s toooo complicated for me.:) Nail polishes i don’t use a lot I put to a ..eeee…eee you will see what:D

nailpolishes 1 anastasiias
Small collection + 2 new you will see on other photos.

nailpolishes storage anastasiias
On the rigt –  the way I hide some nail polishes I don’t use. It’s a plastic thing with zipper from shower sponge, which you shoulduse to trasport it. (I believe so).

Some of them on my nails and few color combination ideas.

PicMonkey Collage (4)
On the left you can see presents from my friend. She sent me a nice package. On the right I decided to try all colors 😀 may be not very neat, sorry and not the best quality of photo :/
My new friends.
I bought yellow and light green especially to make this colorful manicure.
One of my favorite colors!

 What is you favorite nail polish? What colors do you prefer to wear in autumn?


4 thoughts on “Happy colors for nails

    • thank you! before i had a collection where you could find 10000 different shades red nail polishes, now decided to have more colorful collection:)

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