Navy mood

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Make up which was made for a day (even it’s a little dark), but if to blend more and make cat eyes it will look wonderful for evening.

Colors: blue (navy), light blue, yellow, pink

 I show on photos products I used. You can use same colors from different brands. It doesn’t matter.

camera ate some colors and it’s hard to see where is a little bit of pink and where blue combined with yellow and gave green :/

avon primer anastasiias
Fiкst as usual we will apply a base on eyelids. It’s important when you use bright colors. But if you don’t have it’s totally ok. If eyeshadows are good you can deal without primer.
s-he stylezone anastasiias
Colors I’m going to use. Even if on photo will be hard to see where is pink 😀
Eyeshadows are not matte, more like satin. Darkest color will be used in outer corner of eye, yellow in inner and on lower lash line together with light blue and dark blue, blended from darker to lighter. Pink (hardly seen) will be used a little upper crease and blended (very blended:) )with about a half of upper line of already applied eyeshadows. I’m so bad in description 😀
flormar anastasiia
White baked eyeshadows with small sparkles will be used as a little highlighting spot in the inner corner of an eye.
essence eye liners anastasiias
White kajal will be used on the waterline of the eye.
Black – to draw a line on upper lash line.
maybelline volum express anastasiia
To finish this look we need our favorite mascara. I’m going to use Maybelline Volum’ express with curved brush.
navy mood by anastasiias
This final result. I hope you like it.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Navy mood

  1. You have such beautiful eyes! I really like the make-up, it suits you wonderfully! I’d only suggest you to try take your photos in the day time, in front of a window. Natural day light looks fantastic in photos!

    • thank you! actually, all photos were made in front of window, may be it was not very bright day..I don’t know why it seems vice versa:/ I try to make make most of photos on day light.

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