So different movies…

It’s time for a small talk about cinematography. Have you ever been asked what is your favorite  movie or what is the best movie in the world? I think 80% of people will tell about some drama. I can’t agree with such question or an answer.  Why? How can you choose the best movie from different jenre? Some drama can’t be a better movie than a comedy just because it made you cry, touched or made you think. How can you compare potato with strawberry? But you can eat both of them. Some movies are breathtaking, activate you brain, make you feel something deep in your soul. Other movies make you laugh, feel joyful, give you a wonderful mood for all day and inspire.  There are movies for brain and there are movies for soul.  You can choose some drama to be the best only among dramas, comedy – among comedies, adventure movie only among movies of the same genre. We don’t compare nude photography to scenery one, so don’t do this with movies.

What do you think?

p.s. if someone doesn’t know I’m not a native speaker and I’m sorry for mistakes. Read my intro to blog.:)



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