Postcrossing ~ General

 Hi World!
I’d like to introduce you to Postcrossing!
It’s an amazing opportunity to collect cards and communicate with people all over the world!

received postcards

How to start: 

  1. Register on site, fill in aprofile with information about you and what cards would you like to get (that doesn’t mean you will receive only one you mention, but it will show your preferances). You also can choose whether you want to receive cards from your country and also whether you want to send to repeated countries simultaneously ( it means you can receive three addresses from Germany in a row). Also you have an opportunity to select whether you are interested in Direct swaps. What does it mean? If a peson finds you and see you are interested he/she can write you a message and ask to exchange cards with you, which are not registered on site. You can also search for such people. Some of them also interested in having pen-friend.
  2. After you fill in all information  go to Send a card and you will randomly receive an address with profile information of person you should send card two. At first you can send 5 cards at one time (to 5 differen people) then more. You can read about this on site.
  3. Now you have an address and code for the card. You choose a postcard for this person. You shouldn’t follow preference from profile, but for person it will be pleasant if you send something she/he likes.  It’s up to you which card to send. But try to go with a rule “Send such card which you would like to receive”. 🙂  On card you may write some words about you or some story or just Hi!:) Sometimes people ask to write your favorite book or quote,etc. Don’t forget to write a code on card. When person will receive it she/he will register it on site and you can send more cards.
  4. As soon as your first card comes to person you will start to receive from others:)
  5. More information you can find on official site.

I’m on postcrossing 669 days (this you can see on site). But i had few months when I was not active, due to this I dont have too much cards, but I did some direct swaps at the same time when I was active:)

Postcrossing is an amazing opportunity not only to get interesting cards from different places but also to read exciting stories about someone. Receiving each card makes me smile! And some leave very warm feelings for long time!

Here is some photos for you  or my cards:)

storage cards anastasiias 11
This is how I store my cards. Two boxes with angels and couple are received cards and red with heart cards which I’m going to send.
postcards anastasiias 11111
Received postcards. Some I put as backgroud for packs of others:)
postcrossing anastasiias 1111
Other side of few cards. I didn’t make full pictures because they include address.
postcards anastasiias 2 1111
Postcards which I’m going to send.

Do you do postcrossing? Did I make you interested? 🙂


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