Hi, World:)

One more Beauty post for today.  Tender make up which you can wear in the day,  in the evening or for some event.

Colors:  light pink, violer, black

I hope you like it!

I show on photos products I used. You can use same colors from different brands. It doesn’t matter.

avon eyeshadow base_anastasiias
To make our makeup longlasting we will need eyeshadow base. I’m using the one from Avon.
Bell eyeshadows anastasiias
The color we will need for this look is violet and light pink, both matte.
Here you can see eyeshadows from Bell Fashion&mat
On photo violet looks a little blue-ish.
avon eyeshadows black
Also in this look I used black color eyeshadow from Avon pallete, which will be blended and will look very transparent. It will be use in the outer corner of the eye.
flormar anastasiias
White eyeshadow with sparkles will be used in the inner corner of our eye.
Sparkles in eyeshadows are very small.
flormar eyeshadows anastasiias
This pink baked eyeshadow from Flormar (or any other alike) can be applied in the middle of the eyelid. I did like that several time for evening. In final look for this post I didn’t use it.
essence pencils
For upper lash line I propose to use black eyepencil. I use Essence Longlasting eyepencil.
And for waterline – white kajal pencil. I have from Essence. You can take the one you have. It will make our eyes wider and more opened.

Finish look with your favorite mascara.  I used Maybelline  colossal volum express.(You may see some clumps, sorry, I was ending mascara)

tenderness by anastasiias
Tenderness. Look for any occasion:)

Do you like?

Have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “Tenderness

    • Thank you very much!
      And it’s just my second eye primer. Some time before I didn’t use any at all. And this from Avon feels very pleasant and creamy.

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