E.l.f. Baked Blush.Other way to use


First post in Beauty 🙂 And I’d like to start with Baked Blush from E.l.f., color Pinktastic. Before ordering I read some reviews on it. Actually I didn’t need a blush but I found out you can use the lightest as higlighter. Actually darker tones (pink, peach) look great on face as blush (I saw good review with pics). But but but I didn’t like this pinktastic as highlighter it’s a light golden, which is not good as highlighter for my white skin. And for blush it’s too light and sparkling, so I decided to leave it and use like  shimmer powder for  decollete or shoulders, may be somewhere on face for evening little, when I get  tan.

Suddenly I found better way to use it. LiKE EYSHADOWS. Yeah, makeup is such a sphere where all products are like colors for artist, you may use them wherever you want:) I’m not a fan of using one color on eyelids and finish like this make up. But this blush is good for no make up make up 🙂 and it made my simple lazy look on eyes (just mascara) more interesting.

I’m sorry if  you can’t see color good on photo, because camera “eats” it but I  tried my best. All photos are made by me, not taken from somewhere 🙂

e.l.f. baked blush
Going to be used as eyeshadow for super natural look:)
avon eyeshadows, primer, brush
~Under pinktastic all over lid is used eyeshadow base from Avon (doesn’t matter which base you use).
~For lash line is used a color marked with arrow from a pallete from Avon. I’m not a fan of Avon, I got this two products as a present and I like them. especially base. You may use some darker eyeshadow as dark brown or black
~And brushes which may be used for applying our blush as eyeshadow, also you may use simple applicator which goes with any eyeshadows.
maybelline mascara
And to finish this easy look I will take mascara from Maybelline with curved brush
e.l.f. pinktastic
Here what we’ve got! : )Found a way to use baked blush from E.l.f. in color pinktasti.Simple natural look with little shimmer on eyelids, which make eyes not look as simple as with just mascara.
p.s. sorry on photo with closed eyes you can’t see anything good :/

Of course as I said you can find several ways to use it or you may use it as eyeshadow in  more complex make up or as highlighter under eyebrow in brown-gold looks:) Don’t be afraid to experiment!

I hope this was interesting to you.

Have a nice day!


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